COVID-19’s Impact on Smartphone Addiction and Use

According to research conducted by Morning Consult, 81% of U.S. adults believed that smartphone addiction is an issue in 2018. Meanwhile, in the same year, 12% of those surveyed said that smartphone addiction was not a problem. The remaining respondents either did not know or did not voice their opinion.

Amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in 2020, however, the percentage of adults who saw smartphone addiction as an issue was at 67%. While 20% saw no issues with mobile users, the remaining 13% either did not know or had no opinion on the matter.

It should be noted that the average amount of time spent on a daily basis within mobile applications has also increased amid COVID-19. According to data from App Annie, the average number of hours that Android users in the U.S. spent on mobile applications was 2.8 hours. Only China, South Korea, and Japan preceded the U.S. as the top smartphone application users amid the situation.

There is a softened stance on smartphone addiction, as well as an increased amount of time being spent within mobile applications. Business executives can, therefore, adjust their plans when it comes to their spending on digital advertisements within such a medium.

In order to figure out the best course of action in regards to changing digital spend, business leaders would first need to know the amended goals of their company. This is because during such unprecedented times, B2B and B2C relationships are evolving along with the change in what consumers and businesses expect when it comes to advertisements and communications.

In fact, according to research by Kantar Consultancy, 77% of consumers worldwide expected brands to educate them about how brands are helping people adjust to the COVID-19 situation. Meanwhile, 8% of 25,000 consumers surveyed expected brands to stop advertising altogether.

The study also found that 70% of consumers expected tone of voice for content should be reassuring, while 40% of those surveyed said humorous tones should be avoided during a pandemic.

As business leaders amend their mobile marketing and advertising campaigns to suit the current situation, it is important to take this type of research into account. An in-depth consultation with a professional team of researchers and marketers, such as Find Your Audience, would be a step in the right direction.

Find Your Audience works with businesses across the world to ensure that company goals are met, even during challenging times. By working closely with clients, conducting thorough market research, and developing customized business strategies, the team is able to help entrepreneurs find success.

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