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Effective External Communication Strategies for Your Business

As a business, there are countless ways to communicate with clients and customers. However, knowing how to go about that in an effective way requires research and knowledge about what recipients want and expect, as well as how they communicate with a business in the first place.

Having an effective external communication strategy can result in better audience engagements when it comes to presenting a new product or service. It can also improve the relationship between a business and its shareholders, investors, and potential consumer leads. 

It is imperative to not only have a good strategy, but also update a business’ current one in order to improve, grow, and innovate for the sake of shareholders and the future of the company itself. 

In this post, the Find Your Audience team will provide tips and tricks on how to create effective external communication strategies that can take businesses to the next level.

Create a brand book 

A company brand book is one of the most useful pieces of media to have when it comes to external communications. For instance, if a lead wishes to learn more about a company and what it stands for, they can look through the brand book to gain valuable insights. The style guide within an effective brand book would let a business showcase how it wants to be presented to others, as well as indicate to internal employees how the company should communicate to get a consistent message across. An excellent brand book sets the standard and tone for a company, allowing creatives and interested parties to create on-brand content for external communication purposes. 

Publish press releases

Another useful external communication strategy is to create and publish press releases. Press releases are a fantastic way to inform the public or target audiences about the latest company news and updates, as well as innovations that could have an impact on an industry as a whole. When creating press releases, ensure that the content is newsworthy. Effective written outreach in this format requires the expertise of content writers and creative individuals who can produce engaging material such as infographics and videos. For business executives who wish to open up to the public press, they can offer interview opportunities within the press release as well.

Conduct social media outreach 

Investing in social media is another external communication strategy that can take a business to the next level. Think of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These websites allow a company to engage with its audience, as well as establish relationships with them. Important company updates can be posted on social media as well, keeping the audience informed and educated about the latest policy updates, products, and services. In addition, by analyzing social media metrics, a company can gain valuable information about what its audience is most interested in when it comes to external communications. In turn, these insights can improve future online marketing campaigns. 

Attend live events and conferences

Going to live events such as conferences and expos is a great way to amp up a company’s external communication game. This is because such events offer a wide range of networking opportunities. For example, a discussion panel can be used to inform and educate others about what a business’ innovations have changed its respective industry. Meanwhile, seminars can ignite conversations between like-minded individuals. Live events allow individuals to network with others face-to-face, resulting in better professional relationships by virtue of getting to know the person behind a business idea. 

Choosing the right external communication strategy for one’s business can be a daunting task. This is because there are several factors to consider such as budgets, impact, as well as how to ensure effective content creation, outreach, and live presentations. 

The Find Your Audience team is here to help companies across the globe in this regard. Equipped with an arsenal of tools and professional experience, Find Your Audience is ready to work closely with any business to develop a customized external communication strategy that works. 

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