How to Have an Effective Brainstorming Session

An effective brainstorming session can lead to great changes and innovations. Such an exercise allows people of different skills and talents to come together and work on the common goal of generating ideas. These different perspectives can then, in turn, be turned into tangible plans of action and improve a business as a whole.

There are various ways to go about a brainstorming session, and the Find Your Audience team is here to provide some useful tips and tricks on how to get the most out of every creative meeting.

Provide information beforehand

Before a brainstorming session even begins, ensure that the participants know the goal of it. This is in addition to providing others the necessary information required in order to contextualize the session. This would not only aid in making the brainstorm process easier, but also save time by allowing everyone to be on the same page. 

Encourage being prepared with ideas

This goes hand-in-hand with briefing and informing others about the context and goal of a brainstorming session. When participants know what they are getting into and are encouraged to arrive prepared with some ideas, the conversation can flow more easily. This can also help in breaking the ice when it comes to the start of a session. 

Allow for anonymous submissions

Another way to get the ball rolling on brainstorming sessions is to allow for anonymous submissions. Participants can discuss ideas more freely through this technique, since they do not have to fear criticism or shyness for bringing up ideas that are out of the box. These ideas can be submitted through an online forum or even through a collection of notes that was put in a physical submissions box.

Visualize ideas and suggestions

One way to keep track of the ideas being put forth during a brainstorming session is to write them down. Whether it’s on a notepad, chalkboard, whiteboard, or in a shared online document, visualizing ideas by linking them together allows them to bounce off each other and encourage innovation. 

Provide a comfortable environment

Provide a comfortable environment where ideas can be shared and discussed. This not only encourages diversity and new perspectives in conversations, but also allows a session to flow more easily. In addition to letting participants share their thoughts openly, a brainstorming session leader can increase comfort levels by offering snacks and drinks. Of course, make sure the environment itself is free of distractions and allows the group to focus on the session at hand.

Have a follow-up conversation

Once a brainstorming session ends, the work and material from it are valuable assets that can be used to narrow down the top ideas and what can be done with them in a tangible way. Therefore, having follow-up conversations about what ideas the participants liked best and which ideas would help move a business forward is a step in the right direction. 

There are a variety of ways to ensure an effective brainstorming session, and the ideas generated from them can be used to improve a company altogether in terms of teamwork, policies, services, products, and the bottom line. The Find Your Audience team works with businesses across the globe to turn great ideas into reality. The team achieves company goals via thorough market research and by working closely with clients. 

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