How to Use Social Media to Improve Customer Retention

Social media platforms are not only a way for individuals to get the latest news or interact with friends and family, but also a way for businesses to engage with their customers in a meaningful way. Marketing campaigns can happen on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in order to raise brand awareness, generate new leads, as well as educate customers about how to make the most out of a new product or service. 

Additionally, social media can be utilized to improve customer retention in order to encourage others to keep coming back and doing business with your company. In this post, the Find Your Audience team will go over a few ways in which your business can take advantage of the ever-growing popularity of social media platforms. 

Create Snapchat stories

A great way to reach out to the younger demographic would be to create effective posts and stories over on Snapchat. These posts may include sounds, music, stickers, or even attractive photography to gain the attention of your target audience. Don’t be afraid to add a strong call-to-action statement within a Snapchat story as well, since potential customers and followers can swipe up to access a link to your latest product or service.

Do a product demonstration

If your product is best showcased via having someone demonstrate it, then go for it. Make sure that the person or group of users presenting the product touch upon its main features, as well as what interested customers can do in order to either learn more about it or make a purchase. These product demonstrations may be conducted live via a streaming service or even uploaded to YouTube after the filming and production steps. 

Write some tutorials

Another way to engage with others through social media would be to write “how-to” articles about your product or service. Make sure that the vernacular is succinct and easy for the readers to understand. Additionally, don’t forget that paragraphs can be very effective, as they break up large walls of text to make the content more readable. Don’t forget to add social media sharing links within the article in order to further engage your audience. 

Answer questions live

A great way to showcase your expertise about your product or service would be to conduct a live questions and answers period. This can be done on various platforms such as Reddit via an “Ask Me Anything” (AMA) session or even through Facebook Live. Make sure that you have the answers to frequently asked questions ready as well, since those questions can be quickly answered to keep customers satisfied.

Reply to comments

Of course, replying to comments on social media is a fantastic way to show that your company cares about what its customers have to say. It is also useful to have a social media customer service team to address any issues that may arise in a manner that is both professional and on-brand. Replying to comments over on Twitter, for example, doesn’t always have to be about answering questions, either. If your brand permits it, allow the social media team to use gifs or reaction images to appear more friendly. 

Ask fun questions

This goes hand-in-hand with replying in a friendly tone with your customers. If your brand image allows it, then don’t be afraid to ask questions that your target audience can answer easily and with enthusiasm. Doing so would help keep your company at the top of their minds, as well as drive customer retention thanks to a friendly online persona. Polls on Twitter can be created for these questions. Additionally, you can use Instagram to encourage followers to leave a comment to voice their thoughts.

There are countless ways to make social media a better experience and improve customer retention at the same time. The chosen strategies depend on your company’s goals, brand image, as well as target audience. 

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