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Is Influencer Marketing Right for Your Business?

Influencers. They are everywhere and their audiences love them. They can be on several social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and even TikTok. With such large audiences, marketers have the opportunity to partner with them in order to promote a product or a service. 

There is definitely a lot of potential when it comes to influencer marketing for your business. According to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s research, 42% of internet users who are direct-to-consumer shoppers even expect brands to partner up with an influencer. Meanwhile, 41% of those surveyed are more interested in a brand if either an influencer or celebrity promotes it. 

In this day and age, influencers are also a way for users to discover new brands. There are several ways influencers can benefit businesses. They can increase brand awareness, drive credibility, champion exploration, as well as amplify the conversation. 

Influencer Marketing Increase Brand Awareness

Let’s say you have a game-changing product. However, not everyone knows about it. It’s difficult to generate interest solely through word-of-mouth advertising. That’s where an influencer can come in and save the day. Partnering up with the right influencer can lead to brand awareness. Influencers have an audience that is interested in their lifestyle and personality. With the help of an influencer, your product can be introduced to your target audience. 

Influencer Marketing Drives Credibility

Influencers are trusted by their followers. When influencers genuinely enjoy a product, they can confidently recommend it to their audience. By having an influencer like and vouch for your product, your brand’s credibility increases and your future products can gain more attention. In fact, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s study, 48% of the consumers surveyed find that celebrity and professional influencers increase brand authenticity.

Influencer Marketing Champions Exploration

YouTubers may recommend a product to their viewers and encourage them to check out other product offerings by that same brand. The viewers would then visit the brand’s website and take a look at the different products. From there, they have the option to explore and purchase other products. An influencer who inspires others to experience either a free product or service trial can have the same effect in terms of funnelling leads. 

Influencer Marketing Amplifies the Conversation

With the help of an influencer, your brand can be front and centre on social media. Endorsements and shoutouts can be powerful ways to get your target audience informed about your product or service. In addition, influencers can help get the conversation going about your product by interacting with their followers on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. 

There is no doubt that influencer marketing can take your business and brand to the next level when it comes to increasing brand awareness, credibility, exploration, and hype. The process of building and maintaining relationships with influencers can be daunting. Having a team of experts to guide you is a step in the right direction.

Find Your Audience is ready to hit the ground running. Our experts come from a variety of industries and have successfully worked with influencers across the globe to drive success. For a consultation, give the team a call at 647-479-0688. You can also reach Find Your Audience through email at

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