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Mystery Shopping as an Alternative Feedback Strategy

Customer feedback can reveal useful insights when it comes to your business operations on the ground level. For example, if there is an established procedure when it comes to how customers are greeted once they enter a store, then knowing whether or not, as well as how often your employees execute that plan is vital to the success of your business. 

Another instance where customer feedback on how employees are operating would be if you own a restaurant or sell fast food. Through reviews and audits, you can ensure that the manager is training employees well when it comes to upselling items and suggesting additional products to customers. 

One of the ways to get this kind of useful feedback would be to incorporate a mystery shopping service to your business strategy. 

What is mystery shopping?

Mystery shopping is a form of market research used to determine the quality of customer service, employee productivity, as well as ensure that rules and regulations are being followed correctly and on a consistent basis. It is also a way for companies to gather information about what their customers want most out of a shopping experience, as well as what the competitors are doing with their products and services. 

What is a mystery shopper?

A mystery shopper is an individual who gets paid to visit a store or company in order to gather information about its operations, products, and level of customer service. Depending on what a business requires to be assessed, a mystery shopper can conduct evaluations by observation or even interacting with employees. However, just like the position’s namesake, a mystery shopper acts as an undercover customer. This is to ensure that a business does not provide them any special treatment in order to get an accurate idea of what a company should improve on when it comes to its operations. 

Where does mystery shopping happen?

Mystery shopping as a marketing research strategy can occur in various industries. In addition to restaurants, it can occur within stores that sell makeup products, companies that refuel gas, and even retail stores that specialize in clothing. Companies that use mystery shopping services have an advantage in terms of getting on-the-ground customer feedback and employee behaviour information. This useful data can then be used to improve storefronts and interactions with customers, thereby improving the bottom line.

What makes a good mystery shopper?

A mystery shopper should be able to get the details of their task right. Whether it’s evaluating a customer service experience, or gathering data about competitors, they should be able to report the information in an accurate and unbiased manner. A technique that some mystery shopping companies use in order to select these detail-oriented individuals is to have candidates go through a test or trial run. If a candidate is able to pass the test and ensure that the data they provide will be accurate in the long run, then they have potential to become a valuable mystery shopper. 

How does Find Your Audience help your business?

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