Useful Mobile Apps for Increased Productivity

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or someone who is working remotely, your level of productivity can vary throughout the day. However, with the right workflow in place, you can keep on producing quality content or services. One of the best ways to keep track of your daily tasks is to use mobile applications. 

Both the Apple Store and Google Play have a plethora of applications to browse through, and they all offer different benefits to help you stay organized and consistently productive. In this post, we will go over a few of the ones we’ve found to be highly effective and useful to the everyday remote or office employee.


Firstly, Slack is a game-changer when it comes to communicating with team members who are all conducting remote work. It’s an excellent way to share ideas and updates with others within a business. If an employee requires assistance or has a quick question, then they can quickly type it up in the appropriate Slack channel or send a message to their supervisor with a simple press of a button. Messages through Slack get sent in real-time, which means that responses can be received just as quickly as well. Furthermore, the application allows its users to tag project team members in order to keep everyone right on track.

Google Meet 

Next, we have Google Meet, which is a service that allows users to communicate with each other both through voice and video chat. This application is great for team meetings and business conference calls, it has the capability to show the faces of each participant during live conversations. Accessible on mobile devices, laptops, and desktop computers, anyone who gets an invitation to a meeting can easily join it from anywhere. In addition to getting to see others within meetings, participants can also share links and other types of information through the chat feature.


Another great mobile application to use is Dropbox, as it can help small to large teams stay organized, productive, and focused on the important tasks at hand. This collaboration tool allows files to be shared with the appropriate individuals, different administrative roles to be created, as well as allows for multiple teams to be managed more easily. File sharing, cloud storage, and the ability to collaborate on content makes Dropbox an excellent tool suited for businesses of all sizes. 

Google Drive

Of course, don’t forget the power of Google Drive. It’s a fantastic solution that allows mobile users to view, edit, and even comment on different documents from anywhere and at any time. Since Google Drive is cloud-based, it makes collaboration much easier; allowing team members to view changes as they are being made. Additionally, Google Drive has different sharing options that a business can use to differentiate between internal and external content, allowing control of who can access certain documents and files. 


Finally, we have Hootsuite, which is one of our favourite social media management tools to use on mobile devices. After downloading the application, users can access, view, and edit posts from anywhere. Whether it’s to switch the time and date of a scheduled post or to correct an error, the ability to do so is right at each user’s fingertips. Social media platforms that Hootsuite can connect to include sites like Twitter, Facebook, and even LinkedIn. 

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