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Why You Should Incorporate Videos Into Your Marketing Strategy

If your business doesn’t have video content, then you’re falling behind in leads and missing out on some major revenue.

According to a recent study conducted by HubSpot, 54% of consumers prefer video content whenever they are looking into a brand or a business.

The most popular platform for video is, of course, YouTube at 83%. However, Facebook is catching up at 67%. As for the most popular genre of content, they pertain to entertaining, educational, and funny videos.

In fact, 73% of consumers prefer videos that are entertaining, while 70% of them like funny content. Perhaps a surprise to some, educational and informative videos are at 61%.


Equipped with this data, businesses can start thinking about creating video content to market their brand, services, and products. They can do this in several ways, depending on the target audience.

Let’s say a company wants to market toward a competitive audience who would be interested in playing a new online card game. The goal of the video marketing initiative would be to get up-and-coming esports players or current players of a rival company to play the card game.

The target audience would then livestream the new game on video-oriented platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, gathering new audiences and educating them in an entertaining way.

This form of consumer-made video content can be just as effective as videos that the company itself could push out. However, this doesn’t mean that a company can run free and not create any content for themselves.

Instead, a company can take the initiative and hire a crew of creative experts to make attractive videos as brand assets. These assets can then be sent out to news reporters along with an exciting press release to generate hype.

Another way that a company can put branded video assets to good use is through live events where they can showcase a demo reel of their products and services. As event attendees walk by the business’ booth, their interest would be piqued thanks to the motions within the videos themselves. The attendees would then be interested in learning more.

If your business is on the more conservative side, they can opt for more informative and formal videos either in place of or in addition to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) section.

In this case, a business can create a variety of polished and professional videos with the help of graphic designers, scriptwriters, and even animators. These videos should answer one question at a time in a succinct manner. This is to both grab and keep the attention of the potential lead.


Video content created by satisfied clients can be just as powerful when generating new leads. Let’s say a potential customer visits a business’ website. The more generic and, quite frankly, boring websites would simply have different sections that list products and services. Meanwhile, companies that are at the forefront of digitalization would understand the impact of compelling video content.

The potential lead would be attracted to the video content and watch as satisfied clients give their testimonials about the business. This not only adds a more personal touch to video marketing, but also allows the viewer to relate to the person within the video more. If the potential lead can relate to an existing client by virtue of wanting similar results, then that’s a step in the right direction.

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